Admin Cracks Down on Door Opening


Photo taken by Phoebe Schultz of Emmie Butler

This morning, April 19, Dr. Millard came onto the loudspeaker to discuss today’s lockdown drill, and the current situation of safety at West Po. In her announcement, she also introduced stricter penalties for opening the doors to let people in after 8:10 a.m. 


“I don’t like the policies very much, but if it helps my safety, I’ll take the sacrifices” sophomore Kayla Mosler stated.


Dr. Millard stressed that even though the weather is starting to get warmer and the season is changing, students can only travel outside through the courtyard, which she said was open, although we haven’t been able to enter the courtyard yet.


Molser continued to say, “If it’s between going outside and my safety, I’m picking my safety.”


Millard also cited recent school shootings to reinforce the “Under One Roof” policies that have been in place since December. If caught by administrators or on cameras, students will be facing unspecified consequences. 


“No one should have easy access into our doors… if you are in the building, and you see anyone at the door…do not let them in,” she said.