Construction Spruces Up the Parking Lot

Blossoming tree outside of the cafeteria by the junior lot

Phoebe Schultz

Blossoming tree outside of the cafeteria by the junior lot

After the new parking lot was built and finished in early September, Dustin, the construction company, planted 80 deciduous trees, 130 evergreen trees, and 681 shrubs throughout the campus which gives us a total of 891 new plants, according to Mr. Ivan Johnson, a school administrator. The plants cover from the football field near the backgate to the entrance of the new parking lot as part of the contract and reservation.

The garden is protected by a fence in order to prevent people from trashing the new plants. “The garden adds to the aesthetic to this school and I think it’s really cool,” freshman Leal Abbatiello said.

Each plant needs to be taken care of in different ways. Deciduous trees need to have regular cleanups for dead and cultured branches. Evergreen trees need to be watered regularly in order to maintain moist soil. Shrubs require watering and pruning any dead stems. Dustin will be maintaining the garden and will be responsible for replacing any dead plants in the future. “I think it’s good that we replace or add trees on our ground because I feel like we can add more natural things to brick and pavement areas in my opinion. Trees bring more oxygen into the atmosphere and we can always benefit from seeing more natural things in our surroundings,” Ms. Neer, a new biology teacher, said.

It’s been a few months since the plants were planted. Some of the plants have started to green. Throughout the spring, the garden will shine.