Students Say Goodbye To A West Potomac Legend


One of West Potomac’s favorite people, Felicia Solomon is leaving after decades of service. Photo courtesy of West Potomac journalist Catherine Dabbieri.

Since 1985, Felicia Solomon has been dedicated to helping the West Po community. This April, Felicia has decided to say goodbye to the Wolverines. Ever since her first day, she’s been inspired by the amount of hardworking students with diverse cultures and backgrounds.

“I watch how [students] would come here, get an education, something that I felt robbed of,” Felicia comments. West Po being such a change from where she grew up, made her love our school even more.

Felicia has gained many relationships with students over her 38 years of working at West Po. She states that by working with these students “they became my friends.” When she came to the school, the students made her feel welcome, and made her love her job. “I was the youngest custodian here. [The other custodians] didn’t understand my ways.”

Reminiscing on the good and bad memories of West Po, Felicia will never forget old principals, graduated students, and other custodians. Felicia never found her job hard, but instead, it had moments that were stressful. “It’s been a long journey,” she says.

On Friday, at lunches, Felicia gave a heartwarming speech about her retirement. Thanks to all the students at West Po, Felicia will never forget her time at West Po. Telling students at lunch, “ I will miss asking you guys if you have trash every day.”

Today, Felicia is turning in her keys, so make sure to say your goodbyes. She will be missed here in the halls of West Potomac.