Summer Horoscopes

Summer Horoscopes

Congratulations, Wolverines – we’ve made it to the final month of the school year! This June we will be observing several astrological transits. Pluto is in retrograde for the entire month, touching back into Capricorn briefly, and we will see one more of these motions later this year before Pluto stabilizes in Aquarius until 2043. Saturn is currently in Aquarius, but it will retrograde into Pisces starting the 17th until July. Neither of these retrogrades will have much effect, besides potential blockage in creativity and inspiration, but no particular sign will be affected more than others. As for the more major planets, the moon is full in Sagittarius on the 4th, Venus enters Leo on the 5th, and the sun will exit Gemini and enter Cancer on the 21st, coinciding with the summer solstice. Read on to hear what this month’s transits could bring for your sun sign!


Aries: Take a deep breath and step back. Intense productivity has drained you, and there’s no reason to overwork yourself. You deserve a break, so try to relax when you get a chance. Mental blocks can be difficult to overcome, but with the right motivation you can overcome anything.


Taurus: Exercise caution. When life is moving faster than usual, it’s easy to forget how things are supposed to be. The stars aren’t suggesting anything bad, but you need to expect the unexpected. A major change is approaching in your life, and it is essential that you prepare yourself emotionally.


Gemini: Take things as they are. Life is a journey, not a checklist. If you live day-to-day and enjoy your surroundings, you will come to appreciate the mundane. Extravagance is not sustainable, but if you can find joy in the little things, you won’t have to go through so many mental ups and downs.


Cancer: Life has so much more to offer than what first meets the eye. Coming out of your shell once in a while will help you understand this. Break patterns, try new things, and embrace change as it happens. You are wasting your energy on something, and once you let go, you’ll feel so much better.


Leo: Don’t let others define you. You know yourself best, but lately some people have been questioning your forcefield of confidence. Show the world that you are in charge of your own path, and if someone tries to interfere, prove that you have enough self-determination to be self-sustaining.


Virgo: Success means something different to everyone. For you most, it’s the accomplishment of something difficult, but right now you need to redefine what you see as “accomplished”. Your mind is stuck, but fighting through isn’t very efficient. Small wins add up to a greater satisfaction than overwhelming yourself to do one big thing.


Libra: You deserve the best. No matter what’s going on around you, you need to prioritize being your best self, and you can’t do that if you think negatively. You’re often the victim of your environment because you give yourself a mental disadvantage. To experience life to the fullest, learn to love yourself.


Scorpio: Prioritize stability. In times of uncertainty, it’s difficult to know your next move. Instead of toeing the line and second guessing yourself, attack the root of the problem. You feel anxious for fear of making mistakes, but remember that you are capable of helping yourself. A positive mindset will take you far.


Sagittarius: This is your chance to cool off. You tend to let your mind spin far too long, sometimes to the point where you can’t recall why you’re doing something. Keep your internal focus and relax your brain. You can’t enjoy life to the fullest if you clog your mind with unnecessary things.


Capricorn: Don’t undermine your abilities. You have heightened potential right now, but if you allow others to negatively influence you, you will never reach your 100%. Encourage yourself to put your needs first and keep your head clear of distractions. If you work hard for what you want, you will succeed.


Aquarius: Think outside the box. If you are feeling obstructed by those around you or the invisible force of the universe, show the world who is in charge. You plan your own journey. People aren’t judging you – they’re jealous of how you can so effortlessly be yourself. Emphasize your individuality.


Pisces: Start fresh. You have a good understanding of what you want in life right now, but the only thing stopping you is yourself. This is a recurring problem for you, but you need to view change as a good thing. People are not born as their best selves – it requires adaptability and willingness to adjust.