Rock Defaced Amid Graduation Festivities


The rock in the afternoon of the 8th Credit: Miguel Tsang

Just yesterday, Dr. Millard sent out an email detailing a recent vandalism of the Spirit Rock on the Wolverine Green, which was reportedly defaced with “antisemitic and homophobic language.” Coincidentally, the rock was painted about 2 weeks prior as a joint effort by Asian Pacific American and Jewish American clubs to promote AAPI and Jewish heritage month. The rock was subsequently painted over in blue by custodians the following morning. 

This incident comes in the midst of graduation festivities taking place on the following morning of the 7th. While the rock was repainted in time for the ceremony at the Dietze Stadium, Dr. Millard’s email did not go out until after the event, leading to many not finding out until then. 

“I think it’s shameful that it happened,” commented Junior Zorig Javkhlan. “There were no anti Asian hate messages on the rock… it was clearly a targeted attack to certain members of the Jewish American Club who are also members of the LGBTQ community.”