Adored By Many, Klucharich Says Goodbye To West Po


Mr. P (left) and Mr. K (right) won best teacher duo as they have shared a friendship as hallway neighbors throughout school years.

As the school year ends, classroom 431 will soon be left empty as Mr. Klucharich, one of West Potomac’s beloved history teachers, is nearing the end of his West Potomac teaching career. This summer, Klucharich will be moving to southeastern Pennsylvania to set him and his family up for a bright future.

 “I’m excited about being closer to family, just because both my wife’s and my family live in Pennsylvania,” Klucharich said, “…buying a house, having kids, and starting a family.”

 Klucharich also plans on continuing his teaching career. “Hopefully [I’ll teach] social studies again, high school, or middle school,” he said.

During his time at West Po, he has not only taught sophomore world history,  Klucharich also coached JV baseball from 2017-2021. Klucharich says he will miss his connections with students the most, and he will be missed greatly by the school as many students valued him as a teacher that they could always count on and confide in.

Throughout the years, many students would come back to greet him and chat, even some who had already graduated.  “Mr. K has given me lots of advice in all aspects of life, and I will value it throughout my future,” Norah Smith, junior, said.