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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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The student voice of West Potomac High School

The Wire

The student voice of West Potomac High School

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Freshman Basketball Unit

Period 1 Championship Basketball Game

The freshmen class have been participating in a basketball unit in the gym for the past month. The teams were split into groups of 5-7 in each class. Each team had a coach/captain, assistant coach, equipment manager, spirit coordinator, fitness instructor, and more. 

The unit began with practices, drills, and games such as  King of the Court. The first 5 days of games were only within classes,  after every team had played each team in their class, the best 2 or 3 teams were picked to play in the final tournament. The first round consisted of eight different teams playing two fifteen-minute halves. At the end of each game day, one person from each teacher’s class was awarded a small medal for their hard work and determination. 

As it progressed  to the final four teams, the game began to show a more competitive side of the players. The remaining players tried their hardest to win each game. The students played the championship games just before winter break. In each class, the stands were pulled out for spectators, students announced, kept score, including on the giant scoreboard, and officiated. Students and staff members from other classes came to the gym to watch the games. Each team had about 15 minutes to warm up and discuss strategy. Each team had to enter the hallway and put on their jerseys. The announcers introduced themselves as well as the teams, and they ran into the gym and onto the middle of the court as another student sang the national anthem. 

“My favorite part of the unit was how competitive people were,” Lydia Pullen, a freshman, said.

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Each game had four seven-minute quarters. The teachers would throw candy in the crowd or beach balls around between quarters. During halftime, there  were  half-court shots and hula hoop competitions with prizes. After each game, the winning team received a trophy to take a picture with, and each person got a medal. 

“This basketball unit has been running for over a decade and will continue to grow.” Mr Harkness said. 

“I want them to be self-driven and have a passion just to be physically active students and become active adults,” Mr. Stuecheli explained.

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