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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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Administration Cracks Down on Attendance

Phoebe Schultz
Mary Vandever, Attendance Administrative Assistant, and Karina Morales, Attendance Office Assistant stay busy monitoring attendance.

  For about a month, West Po has cracked down on attendance, instating new late-to-class policies and working to limit hallway traffic while in class. With the beginning of the school year, West Po athletics adopted a new attendance policy regarding absences and tardies. Now, admin has taken a new route with school-wide attendance, due to the increase in tardies as the school year has gone on.

     On Friday morning, Feb 23, Principal Statz announced over the loudspeaker the changes that would be made the following week to ensure better attendance.

     “Being in class each day on time is critical for academic success,” Statz said. “Therefore, starting Monday [February 26] we are going to reemphasize school expectations for students throughout the school day.” Statz went on to explain the new tardy policies, rules regarding hall passes, and the emphasis of school safety.

     The biggest change with attendance is the ditching of sweep stations. This entire year, students have had to go to sweep stations, located throughout the school hallways, to sign in when they are tardy in order to log late attendance. Now, if a student is late to class, they should go directly to their classroom and teachers will log tardies.

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     “I have to log the tardies as they come in which is a little more disruptive, but it has saved me the onerous duty [of being at sweep stations],” Ms. Krista Sheetz, English teacher, said.

     First, according to the 15/15 rule, no student is allowed in the hallway 15 minutes after class has started or 15 minutes before class ends. For example, during 1st period, no student should be out in the hallway from 8:10 to 8:25, as well as from 9:20 to 9:35. Additionally, teachers should only give out one hall pass at a time.

     Statz also reemphasized the Under One Roof policy regarding school safety rules. During school hours, between 8:10 and 2:45, students may only use Door 1 to enter and exit the building. Further, students are not allowed to walk outside during transitions, except for through the courtyards. Over the past month of the attendance crack down, staff have come on the loudspeaker numerous times per day to remind students of all of the rules they must follow.

    “Frankly, they [the announcements] are disruptive to my learning and I’ve heard it like a thousand times already so I don’t need to hear it again,” Mina Silwany, senior, said.

     Advertisers and other communications professionals know that repetition is key for helping people remember, and the administration is committed to asking everyone to contribute to improving the atmosphere.

     “Together we can ensure that West Potomac is an ideal learning environment each school day… we must follow the rules and be good citizens,” Ms. Statz said.

“Together we can ensure that West Potomac is an ideal learning environment each school day.”

— Ms. Statz

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Phoebe Schultz
Phoebe Schultz, Editor-in-Chief
Phoebe Schultz is a senior editor and member of the West Potomac Dance Team. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends and trying new coffee places in the area. She’ll listen to any Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, or Lorde song on repeat. She looks forward to journalism every Blue Day and writes for the newspaper because it keeps her involved in the school community. Phoebe shows her creative side in journalism through posting on the social media accounts (@thewpwire) and working on the layout for quarterly newspapers. It's her 4th and final year on The Wire, and she couldn't be more excited for all that the 2023-2024 school year has in store.

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