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The student voice of West Potomac High School

The Wire

The student voice of West Potomac High School

The Wire

The student voice of West Potomac High School

The Wire

Teacher Feature Mr.Robbett

Mr. Robbett at a baseball game.

Mr. Billy Robbett has started teaching his first year at West Potomac High School.


Before teaching at West Po, Mr. Robbett was teaching at Hayfield Secondary School, which was his first school that he taught at. He did not always plan on becoming a teacher. But knew the opportunity was open.  


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He has the passion of teaching, but another passion of his is playing baseball. He spent some time playing in the Independent League  before becoming a teacher. 

“I like helping my students and seeing them be successful and succeed,” he said as  to why he wanted to become a teacher. 


 During Covid and virtual school, Mr. Robbett accidentally kicked out a student in Zoom, instead of muting him. That was what Mr. Robbett said it was his funniest moment while teaching. I’m sure it happened to many other teachers during that time. 


Mr. Robbett’s teaching style is very relationship driven; he likes to get to know the students and what their interests are in and out of the classroom. He thinks that if the class gets to know everyone, the easier it is for everyone. 


All teachers wish their students did certain things. When asked by Mr. Robbett he said,

”Depending on the class I would say open up a little sooner in the school year and be a little more willing to communicate,” Mr. Robbett said. “I know it takes time, but the sooner it can happen, the sooner the class really hits a stride.”


Mr. Robbett got his college degree in history. Which is the subject he teachers at West Po. He said that to new students in the classroom, he’s there to help and wants them to do well. 


His favorite part of the school day is being in class with the students. Teaching is his passion. His least favorite part of the day is meetings, along with most teachers here.


For high school, Mr. Robbett went to Saint John’s High School, and then finished at Bishop Ireton. Both of the schools are local to here. To continue his education, he went to (college name), where he studied for his history degree.


“My favorite part of the day is just being in class and doing what I need to do.”

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