Wolverine Football Moves Past Westfield Defeat


Last Friday’s football game against Westfield High School was a nailbiter. The final score of 21-14 marked a loss for West Potomac. The team put up a fight and the score was tied throughout most of the game.

“They are right up there with the elite teams we play this year: Centreville, Madison, Lake Braddock, and Hayfield,” Head Coach Jeremiah Ross said. “Westfield is right with the rest of those teams, maybe just a little better than those guys.”

With their conference record, Westfield was sure to be a challenge. The way the teams are set up this year, the top teams would play the other top teams, indicating that West Potomac has had a good run.

“We have been practicing hard, going over film, fixing the little things,” junior player Dom Calisti said.

The West Potomac football team practices just as hard each week, going over film and preparing for the next game. The team was prepared for a big turnout for the match against Westfield.

“It’s not an end-all be-all, we’re still in the fight to win, lose, or draw with the strength of the schedule,” Ross said. “This game goes a long way in securing a playoff position.”

The team has moved past their loss and are now preparing to beat Mount Vernon this Friday–playoffs could still be ahead for the Wolverines.