Principal Millard Earns Her Doctorate


West Po’s principal, Dr. Millard

After having to push the program back for several months because of the pandemic, Dr. Millard received her Ed. D. earlier this year from George Washington University.

An Ed. D. is a doctoral degree that prepares graduates for the educational field. It provides an in depth course to prepare administrators for advanced positions within the education system. “I always knew that I was going to go the furthest educationally in whatever I did,” Dr. Millard said.

Dr. Millard, West Po’s principal, has been in the role for 5 years and served as a principal for 2 years at another school prior to West Po. She loves her job because she can see her students through their high school journey, “The thing that has kept me in education for 27 years is the kids,” she explained.

Although there were many challenges of being a principal during the pandemic, Dr. Millard made the best of it. Covid affected many families in devastating ways but it also presented a challenge in how teachers taught school aged children. Dr. Millard worked to make sure her kids continued to receive a good education and could transition well between in person and asynchronous learning, “Covid was not only a personal challenge but a professional challenge,” she said.

Students applaud her work, “It’s inspirational that our principal continues her education,” Jaylan Post, sophomore said.

“I’m still trying to take on the title of being Dr. Millard,” she said.