West Po Experiences a Surge in COVID Cases


Covid Demographics from the Virginia Department of Health

Recently, West Potomac has faced an abundance of new COVID cases. On May twentieth thirteen cases were reported through the schools daily covid notifications where parents can track outbreaks. The school’s current protocol is to put the affected person on a five day isolation period before they can return to school. West Po provides information on how to get covid tested if you have symptoms and where to get vaccinated. West Po is following current Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and advice for how to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

“It feels unsafe walking in big crowds around the school wondering who might have COVID,” Brielle Kirk, freshman, said.

Fairfax County has recently been moved into the medium risk zone for COVID after previously being in the low. I
n the past thirteen weeks there have been 92 outbreaks in the county according to the Virginia Department of Health Covid dashboard. They define an outbreak as a report of more than three cases. In comparison Prince William County has had five outbreaks and seven in Loudoun. Right now Fairfax has the most outbreaks out of any county in Virginia. Long term care facilities and K-12 facilities are most responsible for the outbreaks. Statewide there have been over 19,000,000 vaccine doses received and 78.8 percent of those doses have been administered to the public.