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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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February Horoscopes

Phoebe Schultz

Happy February, Wolverines! You’ve made it through yet another month, and the stars have some very exciting things in store for us soon. We start off with the tail end of Aquarius season, and on the 19th the sun will move into Pisces, the last sign on the zodiac wheel. This month will help all the signs to find that feeling of completion, and great accomplishments are headed everyone’s way. Other transits to note during February include the full moon in Leo on the 5th, as well as the Pisces new moon on the 20th. With a special emphasis on that new moon, we’re looking into the future for inspiration and encouragement for the astrological new year coming in March. To learn a bit more about what’s to come for your sun sign this month, read on!

Aries: This month, get ready to embrace new adventures. Your energy will be off the charts, inspiring people around you. Take a leap of faith, try something new. Just remember to balance your ambition with humility, otherwise things can quickly turn sour.

Taurus: This month, know your worth. Things may not always go your way, so you need to do everything you can to stay present. Good times are headed your way, but if you give up on your goals now, you’re admitting defeat before you’ve given yourself a chance.

Gemini: This month, keep the energy up. If you feel exhausted from everything you’ve worked for, that’s fine, but you have so much more ground to cover. You will succeed in the end as long as you stick with it. Hold your head high and all will be well.

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Cancer: This month, understand your surroundings. You haven’t been particularly focused as of late, and you might notice that it’s starting to catch up to you. Prioritize yourself and your well-being, and you’ll be back into the swing of things in no time.

Leo: This month, you know what to do. There’s something that’s been bothering you recently, and you are aware that you need to take steps to resolve it. Remember – your peace comes before anything else. Make the right choice for yourself, and the pieces will fall into place.

Virgo: This month, loosen up a bit. The stars know how much effort you’ve been putting in recently, but you need to allow yourself time to rest. Take time to acknowledge the small joys in your life, and you’ll find that there’s traces of positivity in everything.

Libra: This month, you are the star of the show. Good things are on their way, and new opportunities to shine are soon to come. You know how valuable you are, so now you need to show the world. Chase your dreams and live life to its fullest extent.

Scorpio: This month, even the little things mean a lot. If time feels like it’s flying by, you’re not hallucinating. Life has been stressful, but you know what to do. Self-care is of utmost importance in the coming weeks – you owe it to yourself.

Sagittarius: This month, opportunities are flying at you. You’re unlocking new paths at every turn, and you’re sure to reach your goals. Just don’t aim too high, because burnout is a real possibility. Stay balanced, and you will succeed in what you’re working toward.

Capricorn: This month, stay in control. If your life seems to be a bit crazy right now, this is no time to panic. Keep your hands firmly on the wheel and stay on track. You’re a driven person, and you know the best way to move forward. Don’t let anything get in your way.

Aquarius: This month, keep your eyes open. Distractions are everywhere, but this is your opportunity to get ahead. While others might be caught up in menial tasks, you know you’re prepared to keep moving. The universe has no doubt that you’ll achieve great things.

Pisces: This month, your emotions need to be on the back burner. They tend to get the best of you, but right now the thing you have to prioritize is focus. Nothing comes for free, and the stars are aware that your goals are high. Now is the time to reach for them.

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Phoebe Schultz, Editor-in-Chief
Phoebe Schultz is a senior editor and member of the West Potomac Dance Team. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends and trying new coffee places in the area. She’ll listen to any Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, or Lorde song on repeat. She looks forward to journalism every Blue Day and writes for the newspaper because it keeps her involved in the school community. Phoebe shows her creative side in journalism through posting on the social media accounts (@thewpwire) and working on the layout for quarterly newspapers. It's her 4th and final year on The Wire, and she couldn't be more excited for all that the 2023-2024 school year has in store.

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