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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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April Horoscopes

April Horoscope

Welcome to April, Wolverines! We have a plethora of exciting things happening among the stars this month. I hope you’re enjoying the astrological new year, which began March 19th – also the first day of spring and Aries season. We’re celebrating the start of a brand new astral calendar and opening a door for new beginnings! Aries season will last until April 19th, when the sun enters Taurus. On April 8th, we’ll see a new moon in Aries featuring a total solar eclipse, so make sure you’ve got sunglasses that afternoon. On the 23rd, we see the full moon in Scorpio, which will also be a pink moon. To find out more about your sun sign for this month, read on!

Aries: This month, prioritize your success. You might be feeling external pressure to do things for other people, or that you owe them your time, but right now you have to focus on you. Your potential is at an all-time high right now, so you can’t waste your energy.

Taurus: This month, take a step back and relax. Stress is something you’re all too familiar with, but now is your chance to take a look at the big picture and decide what’s best for you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve a break.

Gemini: This month, good things are on the way. Don’t let a few gloomy days drag you down, because now is your time to shine. Fresh opportunities abound, but you have to keep a watchful eye out for them. Stay focused, and all will go as planned.

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Cancer: This month, recognize reality. Life has been flying by for you lately, and you aren’t seeing the whole picture. Take a deep breath and take it all in. The universe is ready to guide you, but you need to ground yourself before you can take the next steps.

Leo: This month, keep a level head. With all the ups and downs you’ve been experiencing lately, it isn’t surprising that you’ve been lacking focus. Now is the time to laser in on your goals for the future – consider where you want to be a year from now, and start there.

Virgo: This month, take things slow. The universe knows how much time and effort you have been putting in lately, but you might run into some issues if you don’t ease up soon. Give yourself some credit, Virgo – burnout is far worse than taking one sick day.

Libra: This month, admire the little things life has to offer. Find joy in the smallest successes, and you will soon realize that there’s so much more to appreciate. Prioritize your happiness and satisfaction over others’ expectations of you.

Scorpio: This month, create change. You know what you want to do, but this is the time for you to take action. Get moving, ask questions, and let people know what you’re working towards. You already have all the motivation you need.

Sagittarius: This month, your insight is your best friend. If you’re feeling some deja vu, don’t be surprised. The astrological new year is for new beginnings, yes, but you have to sift through the lingering issues of the past before you can move forward.

Capricorn: This month, be yourself. The more you try to change who you are to please others, the further you stray from achieving your dreams. Stay focused on the important things, and don’t worry about what’s outside of your control.

Aquarius: This month, get your energy out. You know exactly what’s best for you now, so it’s time to take the leap. You’ve been recharging for a while, and this is your time to shine. Go dance in the rain.

Pisces: This month, you’re glowing. New opportunities abound, and you’re sure to find success in anything you try. Just remember not to bite off more than you can chew – sometimes, less is more, and now isn’t the time to overwork yourself.

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