New SGA Executive Board Plans to Make This Year Memorable

New SGA Executive Board Plans to Make This Year Memorable

On a quiet Thursday morning before another normal, busy school day, four students gathered in a rectangular classroom on the second floor of Quander. Though most of their peers were just opening their eyes and getting ready for the school day, these students were making decisions on everything from Hype Squad to Homecoming. This a meeting for the new Student Government Board at West Potomac: the Executive Board.

Made up of students elected from Leadership classes, the Executive Board does even more planning and deciding than what class officers do. While class officers make decisions for their graduating class, the Board makes plans for the entire school.

“[We have a] more broad reach [than class officers], working on things for the whole school,” explained member senior Emma Kelly.

Run by Nicole Borghard, who has been involved in Student Government at West Potomac for four years, the group met early in the morning for their second meeting of the year over brightly lit iPhones and a box of Dunkin Donuts. Though the word “executive” brings images of order, professionalism and office work, the Board feels like rather a casual affair. Even so, the meeting is called to order before new ideas are debated in an effective manner.

“I love having the opportunity to improve aspects of the school,” member Ward Anderson, senior, commented. 

“I like how we work together in a small group and then we spread our ideas through the SGA,” member Jennifer Newton, a junior, said.

These opinions are strongly shared by all four members of the Board. The Executive Board was an idea that was bounced around for a couple of years between Leadership teachers before it was finalized last school year. The goal of the Board is simple: to give students more control over the bettering of the school’s events and daily life.

“I like [being in the Executive Board because] I see my ideas implemented throughout the school,” said senior Will Prater.

With Homecoming coming up next month and plenty of spirit days to come, the Executive Board is working hard to make this school year one of the most memorable and exciting in West Potomac history. Though the challenge of this may seem daunting, the Board is ready to take on the task.