A Spotlight on Adrianna DeLorenzo


Spotlight shines on sophomore Adrianna DeLorenzo, an aspiring singer.

Sophomore Adrianna DeLorenzo is a prominent member of West Potomac’s artistic community. She has a history of performing at several different venues ranging from the West Potomac Auditorium, to Grounded Coffee shop, and even Carnegie Hall.   


Adrianna is a member of the all female Advanced Chorus otherwise known as Bella Voce. The group is widely known for their Holiday Season performances. She also has experience in private performances at various venues, leaving her with a sincere impression of which one had the greatest impact on her.


“Carnegie Hall is my favorite venue because it’s like the biggest deal ever, and I got to go to an audition because it’s just the best and I got to go for the weekend with four hundred other teens and I was one of the only five freshman in the entire choir,” she said about her experience.


She does like to diversify her performance portfolio often playing at smaller venues such as the local small business Grounded Coffee Shop.


“I do a lot of competitions and stuff but not alot of performing in places like Grounded Coffee,” she said. However, her musical origins trace back further.


“I started out by singing in the car when I was little. I’ve been singing since before I could walk,” said DeLorenzo. “I’ve been in choir since I was four and I started clarinet in the 4th grade followed closely by the flute.”


Her favorite song remains to be “Thinking Out Loud” by popular singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran due to the way she can customize the way it sounds from a new perspective. It also happens to be the first song she learned on the guitar.


Adrianna’s talents and ability to perform in the limelight highlight her performances. Being one of five freshman to perform in chorus of four hundred other teens, her exemplary ability to give herself to the performance accompanied by her instrumental ability are talents that take ample time to learn or perfect. A drive for further improvement is just one of the qualities Adrianna possesses as she chases her dreams as a performing artist.