Teacher Feature: Mrs.Livelli


Mrs.Livelli in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a close friend. This picture shows them smiling in the bright, snowy cold!

Mrs. Livelli is not a new teacher at West Potomac, but has continued to be a favorite among students even after a 6 month break from teaching. Last year she had left school before the second semester, to be with family. Livelli has readjusted quite quickly and continues to teach fun and interesting lessons, having a lighthearted classroom environment.

Most recently she graduated from George Washington University receiving her Masters in Education. Livelli also attended University of Scranton, and the University of Rhode Island. Her Bachelor’s degree is in English, her favorite subject, as well as the one she teaches.

Livelli explains her experience in college as a great time, saying, “At the University of Rhode Island we went into Newport and Boston a lot. I had friends who went to school in Boston.” Due to her attending 3 different colleges, she had different opinions of each. “Scranton was more about, we’ll call it bonding. I’m still very close with my roommates from Scranton, it’s a wonderful place. Although, I loved George Washington too; some of the friends I made there are some of my closest friends today.” The University experience defines people, and Livelli is no exception.

When asked about the chance for a do-over, she claims there is no one who wouldn’t decline the opportunity. “That always makes me laugh. There are many, many things that I would change.” This is because people will always hold regrets towards something, even in the case of something incredibly small. Livelli’s answer was reasonable and responsible, “I would have saved more money that I have had over my lifetime, because I’ve like, blown money.” She explained that especially this year, with lots of traveling and events, she’s spent lots of money.

“I love incorporating music into the classroom, so in terms of lessons that I like to teach, I love doing the lyric essay.” This lyric essay was not written by her class last year due to her absence, but this year’s Freshman class taught by Livelli understands. She enjoys having the class write essays; an especially memorable one is the student’s memoir, written in the beginning of he school year. Mrs. Livelli loves teaching at West Potomac High School, and thinks the diversity is very important. “It’s a very interesting place to teach. I’ve formed some really great bonds with kids, but I just love working with kids from all different cultures and who speak different languages.”

Mrs. Livelli reads a lot, finding new information through many sources. “I love going to the Smithsonian where they have some really cool events and lectures. I like going to museums and winerys.” While she enjoys places like museums and reading, she also has an active lifestyle. “I play tennis and I love taking long walks in my neighborhood.”

When dreaming of a career for herself, Livelli had always known she enjoyed English. “I loved English, reading, and writing. I liked working with teenagers – and the awesome paycheck!” These reasons lead Livelli to make the decision to become a teacher, and a great one at that. Mrs. Livelli is a very interesting person, and always keeps classes exciting and fun. A friend to many of her students, she describes how she hopes others to see her. “Loyal, fair, and articulate. I hope others would describe me as loyal, fair, and caring.”

The adjustment coming back to school was quite easy for her after she received an enjoyable schedule, and taught a great class of students. To end this article, here is a final message from Mrs. Livelli, a message of what she wants her students to know: “They can always come to me if they are having an issue. I try to stay after school everyday, and I tell them all the time that for anything they are struggling with, it’s easier for a teacher to help you one-on-one after school than in a class of 32 kids. Take the time to come see me because we can work out a plan if you’re struggling.”