Holiday Spirit Week Kicks Off Winter Break


As the first day of the school’s winter break spirit week, Monday saw double. The hallways were dotted with those who participated in Twin Day – pairs of friends sporting matching outfits and hairstyles made others look twice.

Snow Day took place on Tuesday and encouraged students and staff alike to don their warmest gear for fun times in the winter weather – despite the fact that the NOVA area has yet to see any actual snowfall. Junior Emma Auld sported ski wear, complete with goggles, hat, and jacket.

“I love skiing,” said Auld. “I just really like showing school spirit and participating in the spirit days.”

Everyone stayed warm and cozy snuggled in their pajamas and blankets on Wednesday, as temperatures outside began to dip into the mid-thirties. Many students – and even some teachers – wore festive holiday onesies. Ms. Hubbard, a science teacher, showed her spirit by sporting a fuzzy snowman onesie.

Thursday was Winter Character Day, which saw lots of Santa Claus hats atop the heads of students. Senior Victoria Rulapaugh dressed up as Frosty the Snowman in a frilly white tutu, red feather boa, and little black top hat adorned with holly berry.

As a final close to the week, Friday was Ugly Sweater Day. From Grandma’s knit gingerbread men and reindeer sweaters to blinking Christmas light necklaces, everybody’s outfit contributed to a kaleidoscope of busy patterns and bright colors.