Unique Style: Peter Skudlarek


Photo by Mat Williams

Peter Skudlarek shows off his unique style

Freshman Peter Skudlarek has a unique style all his own. When I asked him about how he’d describe his sense of fashion, his reply was simple and direct: “I just show my emotions through the way I dress.” He does a great job of it too! From modifying his clothes to how he likes them to look to making his own jewelry, Peter has a style that’s truly unique.

Skudlarek didn’t just wake up one day rocking his ever-changing and fabulous clothes. “I had a real ugly phase when I was younger,” he said before going on to describe the evolution of the “Skudlarek fashion.” When he was in 6th grade, Peter thought the answer to dressing better was funny t-shirts and skinny(ish) jeans. In 7th grade he felt that his fashion wasn’t very cool any more. “I thought to myself more skinny jeans and better t-shirts?” He believed that his style was missing something, so he tried “casual pants and nice shirts.” This seemed to work for him, so he stuck with it and began to actually like the way he looked. “I think that I was coolest when I realized that sweaters were a miracle!” and from there it only got better.

I asked Peter about his fashion schedule and any tips he had to share, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that he had quite a bit to share. He gave me three definitive go-to recommendations for buying clothes. His first was PacSun, which he likes because their selection is “really laid back and summery.” Second, with winter coming on, Peter recommended the area’s various thrift shops for big winter sweaters. His third rec was Forever 21, as he is a big fan of their “cheap tank tops.”

Finally, I asked Peter what the most important tip he had to share with those who want to update their style. “Just wear what makes you comfortable,” he said proudly.

The one thing I definitely have to say about Peter’s unique fashion sense: it screams what Peter’s personality is all about: color, creativity, and style!