A “Latte” Love for the New Coffee Shop


Collin Sproule, a Brew-Tea-Ful Coffee Shop employee, makes coffee for students during 7th period.

At West Potomac High School, a new coffee shop opened January 31st, and students who know about it are lining up. The shop is a school run business, the coffee made is in view, and even teachers are making purchases. With students buying coffee frequently, the Brew-Tea-Ful Coffee Shop is already looking to expand. There are packs of tea at the cash register, as well as decorations labeled with the cafe’s name. The shop isn’t just any coffee shop though.

 Students are employed in the store, working with a variety of employees that work almost full time in the cafe. “The students run it with, typically, one staff member that assists the students. Ms. Pyne and other staff work to fill in the gaps where the students need assistance. The goal is that the students do most of the work,” stated Mr. Winterstein, a teacher of the Pulley Center students that work in the shop. There is an idea board towards the front of the room, which people are writing their recommendations on. Although the shop can become quite busy, as Ms. Pyne, a PHTA, comments, “The rush hour is the first break… the fifteen minute period, then the lunch period.” So, if you’re looking to visit the cafe, avoid rush hour.

The profits go towards the culinary arts program at West Potomac, as well as the store itself in hopes to continue selling to students. “Soon you’ll see, maybe some product with our logo… It’s the plan to become a permanent part of the school,” said Mr. Bickel, the principal of the Pulley Center. This would mean that students could have their morning coffee at almost any point in the day!

 Brew-Tea-Ful Coffee Shop is open from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., during the school week, but closed on Fridays. The prices range from $1- $3.