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Sophomore Vivian Baxter starts her first year on West Potomac’s journalism staff this year. Vivian joined the class because she was interested to find out different events and current things. “I am a naturally curious person so it gets me really happy and excited to get to know something I didn't know before.”

Inside of school, Baxter is involved in the French Club. When she’s not in school, Baxter is usually doing school work, playing soccer, and spending time with friends. Her ideal music choices are alternative or pop, but she can listen to any genre and be happy. Her most played song of the moment being “Human” by dodie. When asked about her hopes and dreams, Baxter had her very own definition of a dream, with “I hope to travel the world someday, I wouldn't say it is a dream because I really want to travel and I think hopes are like, a guide for your future and dreams; I would say a dream would be able to have money and come back to see my family someday.”

Vivian Baxter, Writer

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Vivian Baxter