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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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The student voice of West Potomac High School

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The Complete Guide to Motivation Throughout The School Year

Addison Hood

Exhausted. Spent. Knackered. No matter what anyone calls it, as the end of the year approaches, some students’ motivation is at an all-time low. Unfortunately, we’re smack dab in the middle of spring testing, and SOLS or AP exams are required to receive credits for the classes students work so hard to pass. The good weather has also brought spring fever and the senioritis is rubbing off on everyone. Losing motivation and lacking focus often happens during summer heat, but the amount of coursework doesn’t decrease when the sunshine becomes more prevalent.Regardless of how we feel, it’s the testing season, so, Wolverines, we have some tips on what to do when you feel unmotivated and hopeless. 

  1. Remembering Your Goals: The biggest reason why students obsess so much over test scores is because of the goals they’re working towards. During the last quarter, remember to keep goals in mind. Sometimes, people may want to shut down and not think about how that could affect them in the long run. Keeping goals in mind is like having a personal compass that shows guidance through the school year remembering what you’re working towards, it acts as a constant source of motivation. Goals help prioritize time and energy. If you know what’s important, it’s easier to say no to distractions and stay focused on studies. When you see yourself making progress little by little, it makes you feel so accomplished. It helps mental health mainly because it increases motivation.

        2. Having a Support System: Having a support system, especially a study squad, is a great way to stay motivated through the end of the      school year. It can be demotivating when people feel like they are not getting enough support. However, having a study partner can help through tricky times when struggling with work or not wanting to do it. Sharing resources and knowledge can make tackling complex subjects easier. And when motivation starts to drift, a study partner can pass on some of their energy or take a load off. This sense of camaraderie and support can be a powerful motivator.

  1. The Importance of Having a Schedule: Although cramming before a big exam might seem tempting, creating a planned schedule can help ease your stress and keep you prepared. Allocating a set amount of time each day can help you retain knowledge and keep it in mind for when that test day arrives. Instead of cramming and stressing before exams, try preparing 2 or 3 weeks before for thirty minutes a night. This increases long-term knowledge and reduces the need to cram all information into one quick study session right before your test. The feeling of being prepared and less stressed can help you stay focused and motivated.


Lastly, mix it up a bit to keep things fresh. Don’t stick to the same thing, it gets boring and loses interest. Try using games to study or collaborate with friends. Testing will fly by and once it’s done–and then it’s time to enjoy the sun.

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