13 Reasons Why: The New Introduction


Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, was released on Friday, May 18th, with 13 new episodes that students have been waiting for. The show has been criticized by many health experts for promoting suicidal thoughts and its graphic content. And now for season 2, a new introduction will be played before the first episode of each season to let viewers know about the sensitive topics discussed and displayed in the show. But will that help at all?

Sophomore Yaw Amandiku, couldn’t wait for the new season and finished the day it came out.

“I think the new introduction will bring down the ideas, parents are having about the show bringing in suicidal thoughts. “He said. And the use of the help message or websites given depends on the person and if they actually want to get help so it depends.”

Amandiku thought that the show actually helped him learn about suicide prevention and what he can do to help others.

”I learned about signs of people who are going through a rough time, are thinking of committing suicide and how to help them out,”Amandiku said.

Sophomore Kelvin Cruz, had similar thoughts and thinks that it could help people suffering from the issue.

“I think the new introduction might help other people not be afraid to ask for help,” Cruz said.

Most students didn’t think that the show glorified or prompted suicide in any way, but (grade), Yollande Djossu understood where people came up with the idea.

“I personally didn’t think that the show glorifies suicide because it’s a good way to show what may happen, Djossu said. “But people might think that it does, because of how graphic the scenes are and how real it gets.”

Freshman, Serena Denham had similar thoughts about how graphic the scenes were but she thought the shows, the new introduction could actually help people with similar situations.

“I think the new introduction will help because it’s giving a warning of what it’s going to be about instead of just going straight into the graphic and violent scenes that are now, warned about in advance,” Denham said.

Freshman Matthew Hunt thinks the show is a message for help.

“I think it just showing it in a different way and telling people to get help if they have suicidal thoughts,” he said.

Freshman Casey Maddox hadn’t started the second season but had a strong opinion on the topic of the show.

“The first season was very triggering for people that have depressions and suffer from cutting and mental illnesses. Said Maddox. “I don’t think it’s the best way to show teen depression and teen suicide rates but I guess people enjoy watching it.”

Maddox doesn’t think that the second season will be any better and will just be another season that advertises suicide.

“It’s still just a show about someone killing themselves. She said. “It’s more of a depression thing than a helping thing.”