A Wonder of A Movie: Review


This emotional movie was based on a bestselling novel by R.J. Palacio. The sad but wonderful story really touches your heart and makes you stop and be grateful for everything good going on in your life.  Although it is more on the sad side than the trailer suggests, this movie makes you think twice about complaining about things you don’t have and wasting the things you do.

The main character August “Auggie” Pullman has a very rare disease: Mandibulofacial Dysostosis, more commonly known as Treacher Collins Syndrome. This makes his face look very abnormal.  In my opinion, Auggie is just a sweet-looking little kid.  Throughout the movie it is quite sad watching him get bullied and just having to sit there in the audience and not able to stand up to those kids for Auggie. There are happy parts in the movie when Auggie makes friends or is truly himself for a few moments, but for the most part it is heartbreaking. I definitely recommend seeing the movie, but be prepared.  This is an emotional movie that will make you tear up watching it. It really is a movie to see. Mark your calendars and go see the new movie Wonder!