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Sophomore Ruth Dean is always smiling when seen in the hallways, making her maybe one of the happiest students in West Potomac. Her favorite color is yellow, and biggest passion is to be happy. Although she is very happy most of the time, she also darkly claimed, ”dreams are never achieved” and is especially motivated in school, which she surprisingly says is her biggest downfall. After school, Ruth lives off of Buzzfeed and is an avid Instagram user. She refers to herself as, “the biggest try-hard in school,” and her favorite movie is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Ruth participates in our school’s basketball team, her highest scoring game being 21 points, and will be playing rugby this year. The giraffe is her favorite animal, due to the fact her nickname among friends is “Melman” (the giraffe from Madagascar) because of her height. She refuses to think of failure and believes that independence is a quality, not a value. It’s her second year of Journalism, and she joined because of her curiosity, but she now believes that news is always there, it is only rediscovered each day.

Ruth Dean, Writer

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