SpOOky Spirit Week Coming Soon


SGA’s Spirit Week flyer

This coming week, the SGA will be hosting a virtual “Spooky” Spirit Week for the week leading up to Halloween. Although it is online learning, students are encouraged to dress along with the daily themes and participate from home. The spirit days were designed so that it’s only the top half of your body involved, making it easier for the current school environment. “We [SGA] designed the spirit days so that on camera, your outfit/item would be visible,” Senior SGA Board Member Bell Andrejuuk explains. 

The SGA created the spirit week in hopes of boosting the positivity and spirits of the holiday during this uncertain time. “We knew it would be difficult for students to enjoy Halloween especially via online learning,” Andrejuuk continues on the thoughts behind the week, “We also thought a Halloween spirit week would be perfect to encourage students to turn on their cameras and find some positivity in the upcoming week.” 


Below are the list of spirit day themes. Happy Halloween season Wolverines!

Monday 10/26: Hat Day

Tuesday 10/27: Flannel Day

Wednesday 10/28: Fall Colors Day (by class)

Thursday 10/29: PJ Day 

Friday 10/30: Freaky Friday (Halloween Costumes)