Who Dat Boi: Meme of the Month


Memes evolve faster than humans can post them. New memes come out all the time, but seldom does a meme become huge. The recent big meme is “Dat Boi,” an animated frog riding a unicycle. The Dat Boi meme is usually accompanied by his slogan, “o sh** waddup.” This meme’s use is completely random, and is funny because of just how stupid it is.

Example of Dat Boi use:

Dat Boi spawned very recently, with the earliest posts of Dat Boi being around late April 2016. The google search trends show Dat Boi at a 2 of 100 for April and a 100 of 100 for May, so this meme is blowing up currently around the internet. Dat Boi is a really meta meme right now, so if you plan on capitalizing on it’s popularity, the time is now. Dat Boi posts are definitely on the rise and still not extremely well known, but with the 100 in May on google trends, it’s easy to see that this meme is pretty popular right now.

Use of Dat Boi right now consists of a style very similar to the likes of the Kool-Aid man, they differ in catchphrase, which in the case of Dat Boi is “o sh** waddup” instead of Kool-Aid man’s “oh yeah.” Dat Boi’s popularity is mainly on Twitter and Tumblr, while bigger centers of memes such as Reddit and 4chan have taken little notice of dat boi. This is probably due to Reddit and 4chan user bases being older than the user bases of Twitter and Tumblr and Dat Boi appealing more to the youth. Posting Dat Boi on Reddit or 4chan probably won’t get the same attention that it would if posted on Twitter or Tumblr. This being said though, Dat Boi is still in the early stages of it’s life as a meme, and could explode beyond proportions, spreading all over the internet, like the Pepe the Frog meme did this time last year. But who knows really, memes are wonderful things and can explode or die in the matter of seconds.