West Potomac Film Club Movie Premiere Faces Tech Difficulty


Cast members juinors Mick Starego (director), Charis Conwell & Aubrey Blount during shooting.

It had been seven months since the West Potomac Film Club announced that filming had begun on their first feature film, Strangers in the Night. A trailer had been released to Youtube, and the film was expected to be premiered April 19 at the Kogelman Theater.

Tickets were available at the door for five dollars before the premiere, which was planned to start at seven. Main cast members juniors Charis Conwell, Jonathan Barger, Aubrey Blount, Ella Danyluk, and Josh Turner were present, as were director Mick Starego and writer William Knight.

While the showing was planned to begin at seven, corruption of part of the film and ongoing technical difficulties with the audio meant that the movie couldn’t be shown. Around eighty minutes after the planned premiere, audience members were offered refunds for their tickets and the opportunity to digitally download the movie for free or keep their tickets to return to a later showing.

In an official statement, West Potomac Film Club gave the following explanation:

“Due to technical issues, we were unable to premiere the West Potomac Film Club feature Strangers in the Night as expected. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused to our guests. As a compensation, affected guests will be able to receive a digital copy of the film for free when released. Alternatively a refund may be requested by emailing us at [email protected].”

Interested readers can see the trailer for Strangers in the Night here and check out the West Potomac Film Club website for more information, or contact the Club by emailing [email protected] with any further questions.