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Sarah Waynick, Writer

Sarah Waynick is a Senior at West Potomac. She decided to take journalism because she wanted to learn different ways to write. In the class, she is hoping to learn how to become a better writer. She considers herself a self starter, because when she wants to do something she does it. For her, independence means not needing anyone to do anything for you, and that being a team player means involving everyone in what you’re doing.

At the moment, Sarah is passionate about graduating. Her greatest academic strength is English and her greatest weakness is Math. When not in school, she goes to the gym or watches Netflix. Sarah  is in the Best Buddies club at West Potomac. She joined Best Buddies because she wanted to give the kids a friend. When she is older she wants to become a trauma nurse, because she wants to help people. One of Sarah’s biggest challenges is getting herself where she wants to be. Her favorite type of music is country, because it puts people in a good mood, and her least favorite type of music is rap. 

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Sarah Waynick