New Year, New Me

The start of 2017 was no small event. This New Year’s Eve, West Potomac students participate in the holiday’s classic traditions.

“I got a kiss on New Year’s Evemy girlfriend and I have done that twice now,” said senior Jonathan Rimmington.

But the new year isn’t just about counting down to midnightwith the start of each new year comes resolution making.

“The new year is a time where you’re able to reminisce about the past year and start to come up with resolutions,” said junior Natiyah Clark. “People [make resolutions] so they can set an agenda for themselves for the new year in a positive way.”

However, some students view the holiday in a more negative light.

“[New Year’s resolutions] seem a little wishy-washy to me. They have good intentions but people never really follow through with them, so is it really worth it in the end?” said Rimmington.

While still driven, this student decided to refrain from the tradition.

“I feel like [New Year’s resolutions] aren’t really a solid way to change yourself. People don’t normally stick to them and it’s inconsistent,” said junior Sonya Richard. “I would rather just have goals for myself in the long term of my life, not just one year.”

So how can people create resolutions and actually follow through?

“By starting small. It’s hard to make great changes in your life very suddenly, so if they work their way up it’s much easier,” said Richard.

Taking small steps to achieve a goal seems to be the answer among West Potomac students.

“I usually make [my resolution] too hard and it’s hard to stick with it. [Maintain your resolutions by] making them smaller and more manageable,” said senior Idaresit Ekpuk.

However, some students believe resolution-making might just come down to mentality.

“Just think about what you want to do in life and what you want to accomplish.” said senior Alex Wells. “If you only get this drive once a year, use this time to do what you actually want to do.”