Trend: Fidget Spinners

A new trend at West Potomac has been implemented and is becoming big. Recently students have taken a liking to a new toy known as a fidget spinner. A fidget spinner is a handheld toy that spins under your command. (Pictured right)

Fidget spinners can vary in design and quality. Many students have simple solid colored spinners, while others have spinners decorated in patterns. Based on preference students can choose from plastic or metal made fidget spinners. The prices of these spinners differentiate based on the quality and design. Fidget spinners can be bought at quite a few places including your local 7-11 or Amazon.

Throughout West Potomac, the fidget spinner has become very popular and noticeable, especially in classrooms. It is said that these new toys are used to enhance concentration and to help calm down students, or anyone using the spinner, when stressed or nervous. Besides the main purpose of these toys, some people just use fidget spinners for the sole purpose of having something fun to do. Either reasons seem to be working.

With an increased population of fidget spinners at West Potomac, different perspectives have been taken upon them.

Teachers seem to have a different reaction than students on the spinners . Teachers believe these new toys are a distraction to the students using them and to the students around them. Some teachers find the spinners just plainly annoying.

“I hate them,” said Kayla Evers who is a P.E. teacher at West Potomac. This was Mrs. Evers only response when asked about the Spinners.

Students, on the other hand, obviously have a different view on the fidget spinners. Most students who own them are always using them and are always sharing them.

Some students believe the spinners really do help with concentration.

“I use the fidget spinner to help me concentrate in class,” said Connor Allen, an owner of multiple spinners.

While other students just enjoy the use of the spinners for fun.

“It’s something fun to do during class, especially when I’m bored or the lesson is boring,” said Louis Poulson, another student to partake in this new trend.

The sightings and use of the fidget spinners are continuing to grow and spin throughout the population of the students at West Potomac.