Teacher Feature: Mr. Chapman


Pictured is Mr. Chapman helping a student.

Mr. John Chapman is an eleventh-year teacher here at West Po and is one of the Biology teachers for 9th grade. He enjoys helping students with worksheets and google classroom projects, and stays after school on Monday and Thursday to help any students.

Chapman attended William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia and majored in biology. He was born and raised in Virginia. His dream job at the age of ten was to become a veterinarian because “My grandpa had a farm and I had many pets such as dogs.”

Chapman’s favorite things to do while at home is to spend time in his yard and he also enjoys weaving. He became interested in teaching while he was in graduate school. He decided to teach because he enjoys the students in his class and seemed that it would be fun to do it professionally. 

Chapman’s greatest achievement is surviving the whole school year because he works very hard planning lessons and grading tests and quizzes.

Chapman loves biology because “it’s something that affects everybody anywhere around the world through medicine.” 

Chapman loves working with his students, saying “I enjoy when students pay attention and ask questions during class and also try to pay attention and connect to the units.”