Teacher Feature: Ms. Lintot


Photo credit to Ms. L.

Ms. Virginia Lintot teaches 9th grade Health and P.E. This is her first year teaching full time, as she was a part-time teacher last year. She has been coaching for the past ten years, as well as being an athletic trainer.

Lintot never thought she would become a teacher. Before teaching, she worked in I.S.S. where she found she was able to connect with students very well. In addition to I.S.S., her position as an athletic trainer helped her get into teaching. “Helping students understand what their injuries are and then seeing them get back on the field made me think ‘Ok, maybe I can teach’,” she said.

Outside of teaching, she enjoys spending time with her kids as well as playing and coaching volleyball. She describes volleyball as one of her “big loves outside of work.”

This year especially, Lintot says it is important to be flexible and keep in mind that not only students are learning new things but teachers as well. “Think about your teachers that have been teaching for ten or more years, they are used to being in person,” she explained.

She encourages students to get involved and participate as much as possible. “I want to welcome the freshman and I want them to feel comfortable in the virtual environment. There are plenty of ways we can get involved that can make things feel semi-normalized.” Lintot coins teaching is “gratifying internally”.