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The student voice of West Potomac High School

The Wire

The student voice of West Potomac High School

The Wire

The student voice of West Potomac High School

The Wire

West Po students making Black History Month bracelets during lunch.
The Club Hub-Bub: The Black Student Union
Owen Mclenithan, Staff Writer • February 16, 2024

February is Black History Month and the Black Student Union (BSU) is getting ready to work during lunches doing African American trivia and making...

The logo for Super Bowl 58 which ended up being the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs
2023-2024 NFL Playoff Recap
Thomas Argroves, Finn Johnson, and Andrew Rapchak February 16, 2024

On February 11th 2024,  Super Bowl 58, between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs kicked off from Las Vegas Nevada in Allegiant...

Image Credit: Disney
Review- Percy Jackson and The Olympians
Jaylan Post and Miguel Tsang February 16, 2024

Global book series, Percy Jackson wrapped up the first season of their TV series on January 30th, wrapping up the 8-episode series following...

Virginia Legislature Debates Important Issues In 2024 Session
Virginia Legislature Debates Important Issues In 2024 Session
Thomas Brown February 16, 2024

The Virginia legislative session which began early last month is set to discuss many issues facing Northern Virginia from the new sports arena...

Freshman Swims at States This Weekend
Freshman Swims at States This Weekend
Addison Hood, Reporter • February 14, 2024

"They wouldn't even let me on the swim team because I needed help to swim one lap without basically drowning," Hadley Petronello, freshman, said. Much...

Social media consumes students during class.
Save Yourself From Social Media
Ireland Mcgee, Staff Writer • February 14, 2024

Social media is this one big digital place where everyone can share information. Lots of people find joy and happiness from social media and...

Seasonal depression affecting students mental health.
Keeping Busy to Prevent Seasonal Depression
Katie Olson, Writer • February 14, 2024

During this winter season as the holidays are just ending, students of West Potomac High School might be starting to feel symptoms of Seasonal...

February Horoscopes
February Horoscopes
Alexis Haymon, Contributor • February 14, 2024

Happy February, Wolverines! You've made it through yet another month, and the stars have some very exciting things in store for us soon. We start...

Credit: Paramount
Mean Girls: What's Old? What's New?
Leila Freimanis and Nora Fitzpatrick February 14, 2024

The Mean Girls Musical adaptation was released in theaters on January 12th. The original movie became one of the most iconic movies of the 2000s,...

The Grammy that is awarded to the winner of each category. Graphic courtesy of the recording academy.
The Grammys 2024
Leila Freimanis, Ajamii Dhaba, and Jacqueline Henwood February 14, 2024

The Grammys are a highly anticipated event that typically happens every February. The Grammys celebrate the spectacular work of artists, producers,...

Fantasy Football Fallout
Fantasy Football Fallout
Thomas Greene February 12, 2024

Around this time of the year, the last thing any student want to be is the loser of their fantasy football league. Fantasy football leagues are...

Swimmers practice as their temporary home, George Washington Recreation Center
Swim & Dive Team Finds a New Home
Emma Fetterolf, Staff Writer • February 12, 2024

West Potomac’s swim and dive team faced a new challenge this season, as their home pool, Mount Vernon Rec Center, went under renovation. For...

Who’s Going to Name that Building?

The ‘New Building’ has been Open for a Year. When Will it Get a Name?
Jackie Henwood
The New Building was planned and designed to ease West Po’s overcrowding issues.
The staff of The Wire has sent out a Google Form to all Advisory Teachers. We challenge each advisory to come up with a new name for the building that we’ll share with the administration. Advisory teams should include their research/reasoning. Submissions due by February 29.

Walking through the halls of Gunston, Quander, Springbank, and new building everyday, have you ever wondered why they are named the way they are named? Nearly all of the building’s names have historical significance. The “new” building doesn’t have a historical identity yet.
“I like the tradition of the names… and want to follow that of having a meaningful name,” Mrs. Jessica Statz, principal, said.
The name Quander appears quite often around the area: the road our school is on, our main building, and the school down the road. The name Quander comes from the Quander family.
The Quander family was the first documented African American family in the United States. A man from the family, Eyga, was kidnapped from Ghana and taken to the United States to become a slave. When the slave owners asked for his name, they tried to transcribe, but they believed they had heard Quando.
Amkwandoh went on to have two sons, both taken from him to become slaves. One was sent to Maryland, and the other son was sent to Virginia. The son sent to Virginia became a slave for George Washington.
Springbank was an area of land created by Charles Quander, a former slave of George Washington. The area was between Alexandria and Gum Springs. Purchased with the little money Quander had, the 88 acre community became a workplace for African Americans after being freed from slavery. They had about 20 homes on the lot, and the whole community became a tight knit group.
Charles Quander came from the Quander family, the first documented African American family in the United States. He married Nancy Quander, after being emancipated from George Washington. They later had 3 children, Gracy, Elizabeth, and Osmond.
The Gunston building is the oldest building on campus. The Gunston building is the 100s, the academy, and the gym.
The name Guston comes from an old family name dated back to 1186. The Gustons were an old English family from Cheshire that came to Virginia in 1600, and built their home nearby. Gunston Hall is a famous institute that dates back to 1755 when it was built. George Mason lived in Gunston Hall, back then it was a small Georgian style home. Today it is a historical site that people can visit. The Gunston name influenced many buildings and organizations near West Potomac.
Due to overpopulation, West Po expanded its footprint, and the new building opened at the start of the 2022-2023 school year. Since the new addition to the new building, the school is no longer an open campus and students are no longer allowed to go outside or to exit the campus during passing periods.
The construction started about two years ago. Seeking a new name for the new building. Although the new building is a good name, we can’t settle for a name that the campus during passing periods.
History is always going to be a part of West Potomac. The Quanders, the Gunstons, and the community of Springbank will be here.
What will the new building be called? Do you have ideas?

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