A Three Step Guide for Gift-Giving

Follow these simple steps  to give the best gifts ever!

Follow these simple steps to give the best gifts ever!

Christmas is getting closer and closer! Whether you’ve been looking for the right gift all year long or have waited until the last minute to start searching, this easy guide is simple and designed to find a gift in a reasonable amount of time. Here are three steps that will help you get a present for that someone special.

  • Step one is pretty simple and something most people can do. Step one is pay attention to the person. Whether this person is your mom, dad, brother, sister, or even an acquaintance, they most likely will mention something that they want/need. You can be the beacon of hope that brings them this want or help them with giving this need. Be sure to ask them what they want.

Now while most people will mention something, there are the few who won’t mention anything. If you directly ask them they’ll might give you a somber “I don’t really want anything” or “I have everything I need.” That is probably false fifty percent of the time, as it could be anything from a pair of socks or a shirt that isn’t filled with holes. However, that other fifty percent might actually not need anything so if that’s the case just give them a nice item of clothing (I recommend dollar store socks) or something you know they’ll love like movie tickets or a Star wars figurine. As long as it’s from the heart most people will be happy.

  • This second step can actually quite difficult at times. Step two is make sure that the person you’re gifting to doesn’t buy what you plan on getting them. Obviously, if it’s something like socks it doesn’t really matter if they’ve brought some earlier in the year (because you can never have too many socks), but for other gifts the situation gets much more complicated. Just be sure to watch them like a hawk and try to keep their mind off what you’re gifting. If they ask you if they should finally buy the bracelet they’ve been wanting since January, say no and tell them that you don’t think it would suit them. If they see it in a store window, divert attention. Do what you can to keep them away.
  • Step three is mandatory. Buy.The.Gift. If you forget this step, all of the hard work you put in would be meaningless. Remember that sooner is better than later; the sooner you get the gift the sooner you can wrap it and have it ready. If you don’t have the money try your best to raise some, but remember if you can’t get it, it’s better that you tried. It this happens, we suggest to have a secondary gift ready.

Hopefully these steps work for you and your holiday is happy!