Homecoming Hype Reaches Students


Gillian Sickler

Homecoming is an exciting event being held on October 14, 2017  and there’s a lot of organization behind it. The students that attend the event have high expectations. The committee is working hard, and they’ve revamped the ticket sale process.

“So we can be more organized and have a little more control,’’ senior Gillian Sickler said.”

The committee is changing things up in hopes of having the highest level of participation in West Potomac history.

“We’re trying to do more elaborate things now to get more students involved.’’ Sickler said.

The 2017 homecoming theme is “tropic like it’s hot,” and coming up such big ideas are a lot of work.

“It’s a group effort,” she said. “Leadership class will put out polls on what people like and dislike.”

The committees of students have a lot of say, but the leadership teacher oversees the process.

“We ask for opinions and just collaborate so that everyone has a say but Ms. B oversees it all,” Sickler said.

Homecoming week isn’t all about the dance; the committees have to work on the football game, where the homecoming king and queen are announced.

“We take care of the halftime show,”she said. 

Gillian recognizes the power of a team effort.

“I was mesmerized by the way everything looked,” Sickler said. “The whole environment was different.”