December Wolverine Horoscopes


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Happy December, Wolverines! This month is filled with astrological events and impactful transits, so be sure to keep up with the celestial calendar. On December 3rd Neptune left the six-month retrograde it has maintained for most of the year and re-entered Pisces, as well as a full moon in Gemini on the 7th. Jumping to the 21st of December, the winter solstice arrives with the shortest day of the year as well as the transition from sun in Sagittarius into Capricorn. The final days of the year are plagued with a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn starting December 29th, but don’t count this transit as an absolute negative ending to 2022. Read on to learn about what Mercury retrograde means and find out what December might look like for your sun sign.

Commonly asked question: what is Mercury retrograde?

When Mercury is retrograding, essentially the planet appears to move slower through the sky than usual. There is no legitimate change in Mercury’s speed but from the observer on Earth’s perspective, it looks like it’s traveling slower. This planet rules communication and understanding, so when Mercury is moving slower it means its ruling functions move slower, too. You might find delays happening more often, you make more typos or say the wrong things, and you might have more difficulty getting your point across. This can happen with any planet, but because Mercury rules such essential functions we tend to notice the effects more.

Aries: This month, expect good luck in any endeavor you pursue; professional, creative, or otherwise. The stars are in your favor! As long as you remain optimistic and keep on track, you will find success with your goals. Ensure to be clear with your communication as others might struggle to understand your point of view, and avoid getting too frustrated when things get in your way – they’ll clear eventually.

Taurus: This month, you might be feeling some anxiety. Do not fear, as December moves forward your mind will clear. Planets might be clashing for you but by prioritizing your own needs, you’ll make it through. Taurus, you always put others first, but sometimes you forget about yourself. Consider taking some time out of your day to relax and keep your personal boundaries at the forefront.

Gemini: This month, don’t hesitate to say no. Your bold side typically leads you to try new and crazy things, but act with care this December. Try to stay out of drama where you can, and it will pay off in the long run. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde at the end of this month, so communication can be especially difficult for you. Best to avoid conflict before it starts! The stars will guide you in your journey to peace.

Cancer: This month, advocate for yourself. Set your intentions with care and follow through with things you might have started and forgotten about. This can be a month of emotional and intellectual growth for you, Cancer, just take advantage of it! Even if you feel overwhelmed or anxious about something, don’t let it get you down too much. You have control of your life, so get in gear and start going!

Leo: This month, be yourself and live your truth. Don’t let other people tell you that you’re too selfish – it’s called prioritizing you. Get past stereotypes and false narratives and focus on being the person you want to be. Forget about toxic people and spend time with those that make you happy. Look at how much you’ve grown this year, Leo. Keep that energy up and continue on your path to being your best self!

Virgo: This month, you might find yourself drawing in new people. You have an intensely positive energy right now, and others are noticing! For you, Virgo, December has a lot of potential for your social life. Tell others what you’re thinking, but also make sure you listen to what they are telling you. Don’t overestimate your ability to maintain relationships if you aren’t communicating both ways. The stars will help you, but you have to help yourself, too.

Libra: This month, your home life is very important. This doesn’t just mean the place that you live – consider your closest friends and family to be your home. Spend time with the people you feel safest with this month and you will thrive. Approach conflicts with care, as not everyone is feeling as comfortable as you are right now, Libra. Consider helping others out if you notice them struggling, but don’t let them stress you out. Know your limits!

Scorpio: This month, focus on self-care and finding peace. Last month’s Mars retrograde hit you hard, but this December will be a great time for you to recover. Beware of distractions, including other people trying to get in your way. Be yourself, Scorpio – it’s what you do best. You will find success in your goals if you stay on track, and the stars know you are capable. Prioritize yourself.

Sagittarius: This month, you’re the life of the party. Not to say that you usually aren’t, but December will be an especially energetic time for you. It’s your season, after all! Now is the time to take risks and try new things – new year, new you, right? Think about what brings you joy. Do what makes you happy, and you will find success in anything you attempt this month, so long as you give it 100%.

Capricorn: This month, you are the leader. While others might feel dragged down with holiday anxiety, you are living your best life. Your master focus will help you have fun and work hard at the same time. Achieving goals will be a breeze this December – and it might be your birthday, too! Don’t worry too much about what other people think about you. They might just be jealous of how well you handle pressure. Keep it up, Capricorn!

Aquarius: This month, you might feel distracted. Your friends and family know that you care, but sometimes you might seem zoned out on the outside. Use this December as an opportunity to catch up on rest and clear your head. When January arrives bringing your season, things might speed up for you! Take advantage of this slow end to the year, as you’ll be back into the swing of things very soon.

Pisces: This month, don’t worry about searching for success – it will find you. There are good things ahead! When you stumble upon opportunities, don’t be afraid to take them. Consider how far you have come this year and allow yourself small wins. You never know when good news is headed your way, but be ready for it. This is your chance to shine, Pisces! Keep at it and you will succeed, no doubt about it.